Nepal Weather and Climate

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Nepal’s weather is generally predicatable and pleasant. There are four climatic seasons:

(a) Spring: March-May
(b) Summer: Juune-August
(c) Autumn: September-November
(d) Winter: December-February

Nepal has four distinct seasons. Spring,from March to May, is warm and dusty with rain showers. Summer is from June to August, and much of this season is dominated by the monsoon, when the hills turn lush and green. Autumn,from late September to November,is cool with clear skies, and is the most popular trekking season. In winter,from December to February, It is cold at night and can be foggy in the early morning , but after-noons are usually clear and pleasant,though there is occasional snow in the mountians.

Because Nepal is quite far south (at the same latitude as Miami and Caro) the weather is warmwer and winter is much milder at lower elevations,including Kathmandu at 1400m. It rarely snows below 2000m.

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