Lukla Airport (Tenzing–Hillary Airport)

Lukla Airport (Tenzing–Hillary Airport)Lukla Airport (Tenzing–Hillary Airport)

Most people opt to fly into Lukla (9350 fet 2850) rather than hike in from Jiri or the Arun Valley. Although arriving by plane saves time, acclimatization to altitudemust be considered before ascending upward too quickly. Lukla is a major trekking center, with shops that sell and rent gear. In addition to an airstrip nestled among spectacular peaks, there are many lodges featuring food and accommodations of varying standers, banking, internet services, bakeries, bars, billiards and even a cinema hall. Most these facilities are along the walkway running north from the airport (with some tourist facilities on the south side of the runway, too). There is now even a Yakdonald’s and a coffee shop that has borrowed starbucks famous brand name and has quite a broad manu of delights that would do the mother corporation proud.

Because of its airfield, Lukla is a major staging area for treks and Helicopter excursions up to the Khumbu. The airship was constructed in 1964 specifically to help shuttle building materials to Kunde Hospital above Namche and because of the airport, It has grown into a major tourist hub. Flights to Kathmandu can get backed up during the high season and especially if the weather obstructs visibility and flights are delayed. Confirm you flight out of Lukla as soon as you arrive and Make sure to have few buffer days for your International flight out of Nepal to allow flexibility should delays hit in Lukla. If you consider chartering the helicopter from Lukla to Kathmandu, the going rate is around $3000 USd up to six people.

The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla over the high Himalaya is one of the most exciting Flight in the world. Twin Otter is the primary mode of flight from to Lukla. There are more than four domestic airlines operate the flight to Lukla from Kathmandu airport. The flight is operate only from Kathmandu Tribhuwan International airport. The airport is quite Popular as lukla is the place where most trekkers start their trekking to the Khumbu, Everest Base camp, Gokyo others. During the peak season from September to December and March to may flight are quite busy. For travelers they should have to book the ticket before one or two month. Lukla flight is probably one of the most adventurous airline routes in the world. Due to the high altitude and dangerous route flight is always depend on weather. Some time flight may be canceled due to the bad weather condition. Lukla airport is not facilities by the road transportation. After a two days walking Jiri is the first station of the road transportation. Most of flights are canceled in monsoon season because days are cloudy and windy.

Lukla is the town in the Khumbu area of the Solukhumbu District in the sagarmath zone of North eastern Nepal. Located at the altitude of 2860 meters the place is Popular for visitors to the Himalayas near Mt Everest. The Lukla a small airport servicing the region and Variety of local shops and lodges for tourist, providing the western-style meals and trail supplies.

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